Kale Salad

If you are looking for an incredible raw salad that will not only give you the chlorophyll rich greens you are looking for, but a high amount of vitamins, minerals and of course alkalinity as well as lasting energy for a busy or strenuous day, all wrapped up in masses of flavor and textures, then you MUST make my new salad. This salad is 100% raw, 100% alkaline and for those transitioning would make a wonderful accompaniment to any low acid dish. For those following an all raw diet or wanting exceptional highly alkaline foods, then this is a meal in it’s own. You could add a generous sprinkle of hemp seeds to get extra protein and the perfect combination of omega fats too. Oh the possibilities.

I am lucky enough to Have an incredible local farm where I can use freshly picked key ingredients – talk about fresh. Potter Hill Farm in Grafton, MA is my favourite farm this year.


4 big kale leaves (make sure they are as fresh as possible) cut into thin ribbons. Include stalks.
2 big Red Swiss Chard leaves, cut into thin ribbons, include ¾ of the stalks
Handful fresh arugula cut into thin ribbons, include stalks
3 Scallions, cut into thin rounds
2 large, ripe tomatoes, cut into smallish chunks (don’t be too picky)
1 – 2 ripe avocados, peeled and stoned
1 large or 2 small cloves fresh garlic, crushed
10 stalks fresh parsley finely chopped (optional)
8 stalks fresh mint, leaves only, finely chopped (optional)
3 tbl Olive Oil – I love Whole Foods Market 365 organic brand
1 lime (juice only) or juice of ½ big lemon
2 tsp Celtic Salt of pHlavor

How to Make

In a bowl, place the prepared kale, swiss chard and arugula and mix a little so the ribbons separate a little and set aside.

In a separate bowl, mash the avocado until it is creamy with a few lumps in it.

Add the scallions, tomatoes, garlic, parsley and mint if you are using them. Mix together so they are evenly mixed and add to the bowl of greens.

Add the olive oil, salt, and lime or lemon and mix together so the leaves become well coated with the avocado mixture. This will do a couple of things, it will make every mouthful super delicious and it will also preserve the salad if you don’t get to eat it all in one sitting…but you probably will. I made this last Sunday for brunch and couldn’t stop eating it…oops!

Hope you enjoy this indulgence. Enjoy!

It is an Outstanding Day!


Fiona, The Cleansing Diva!

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