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Alkaline Lifestyle, Foods and Exercise Regime Made Easy

The Alkalizing Diva invites you to discover the incredible power of The Truth About Alkalizing to transform your life and achieve your Desired Weight, Ultimate Health and Abundant Energy – Fast and Easy.

What an Outstanding Day it is! Why?, because reading this, you are going to realize that the ONLY way to create Ultimate Health, which to me means living dis-ease and dis-comfort free, while having oodles of Happiness and Energy for a healthy extended life is to quite simply feed your body what it needs and wants. Yes I know, get up off the floor, it was earth shattering wasn’t it.

An extremely important part of what we do that affects our health is the food choices we make. Those fast food, junk food, fun foods choices are Not what Your body is asking for and if it could speak (actually it does, you just have not learned to listen and understand yet) you would hear it telling you “What, you are going to feed me that junk and expect me to be happy, focused and perform? Give me a break!”

  • Every year, the nation is swept by the latest fad diet and people jump on board hoping this will be the one that changes everything and that finally they can create a health program that will work for them. Year after year they lose and gain the same 20lbs and even add on a few more, dieting in their bliss of unconscious, unhealthy living.
  • Every year, more people are living (and dieing) with/from cancer, diabetes, auto immune challenges, depression, plus anything else you can think of. We are being taught how to get more done in less time with specialized gadgets, so we have more time to fit more gadgets into our lives. We are so full up with “Stuff” including food that the body is reacting to it.

At the start of the day (or during) do you say to yourself:

  • I just need a few more hours sleep – leave me alone!
  • Where’s my coffee?
  • What crap is coming my way today?
  • If only I could get the children to shut up!
  • Energy, what energy, I feel like a slug!
  • My body aches
  • Why am I so fat?
  • I don’t even want to look at you (partner!)
  • Why are there more bills!
  • I feel miserable, depressed and anxious!
  • Why am I dealing with a severe health challenge?

Let me be your Rosetta Stone language teacher for a moment. What your body is really telling you is, Wake Up! Your health and vitality comes from the way you live your life. If you eat any food you wish, even healthy ones, but you are not living your life with positive intention, if you have not resolved your inner conflicts that are triggers for eating, if you are making the wrong choices in your life or , if you are not enriching your life daily, then your life experiences will be restricted and so will your weight loss and overall health gain.

With my support I am going to show you how to focus and take Massive Action to Achieve The Health You Want – Weight Loss (and Balance), Energy and Happiness and you don’t need an Iron Man attitude or a Grit Your Teeth and bear it approach. Are you ready to be:

  • Energized and filled with vitality
  • Excited about the day ahead
  • Filled with love for those around you
  • Ready to move through your day with purpose
  • Excited to experience growth
  • Happy and grateful

Here are my Alkalizing Strategies and Tools that my clients consistently find success with and are easy to implement on a daily basis for lasting change.

Coaching with me is the quickest and easiest way to get you thinking and behaving the right way so you notice changes straight away. In the meantime, read through all the Alkalizing pages and absorb as much as you can.

Lastly, if you have a question about Alkalizing, why not email me personally here,

It is an Outstanding Day!


Fiona Johnston
Alkalizing Diva!


This website and its contents are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, nor replace the need or services of a trained healthcare practitioner. PurelyHealthyMe and Fiona Johnston assumes no responsibility for those who decide to treat themselves rather than seek the assistance of a healthcare professional. Please ensure that you obtain the advice of your medical practitioner before embarking on any new health program.